Blog 2

Never in a month of Sundays did I think I would visit Japan.

  1. It’s on the other side of the world.
  2. Like 20 hours away.
  3. I don’t speak Japanese.
  4. I’m not a fan of sushi.
  5. It’s expensive, very very expensive.

But I went anyway.

No. 1 son was there. He did a season ski instructing in Sapporo and when he finished we met him in Tokyo for ten days. Kinda like the last time, we would spend so much time in his company cause he has an Australian girlfriend and he will go work there.

What I discovered.

  1. Japan is very safe. I mean they have millions of bicycles and not one of them is padlocked. A woman walked into a cafe laid her phone on a table and went to the queue at the counter (out of sight) – would you do that in London or New York?
  2. Everyone speaks English, to some degree.
  3. It is so clean. No rubbish anywhere. I didn’t see a dirty car.
  4. The Japanese are so respectful, considerate and nice.
  5. I ate sushi, sashimi and things I’m not even sure what they were and they agreed with me. I have never poo-ed so well. And their toilets all have heated seats and gadgets for scooshing your bum and flush by themselves. At first, it was odd but when I got home I looked at my plain wooden toilet seat with disdain.
  6. It was expensive but you can buy a nice bottle of wine in a supermarket for a reasonable price and take it back to your hotel. And on the last night, we went down a back street, up a set of stairs into a shack, through a rickety door and found a brilliant husband/wife restaurant. We had to point at what others were eating to order. And it was delicious, like lip-licking tasty. Two glasses of wine and a beer later they charged us only £20.
  7. Tokyo is big, you can stand on a chair on top of the tallest building and still not see where it ends.

Anyway, this is the phone I picked up 😉