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If I’m not going to learn anything, then I’ll at least have a laugh about it.

Singlehandedly responsible for improving the professionalism in Police Scotland (by retiring).

Thirty years of police experience and over 50 years nonsense and shenanigans.

First book details the funny stories and crazy characters. Cops loved them and they continue to gain a growing audience with all becoming best sellers in their category.

Latest is a travel book with a difference… it’s sprinkled with magical fairy dust and midges.

The gamebooks are tried and tested over many years. Easy to learn (30 seconds), bundles of laughs and the great thing is you can take out your phone and play them anywhere for a fraction of the cost of a boxed game that sits in a cupboard.

Finally, there are three lateral thinking puzzle books with added pizzazz.

And more surprises on the way.

Malky’s books:

…….……….“ I laughed so hard the tears ran down my leg.”…………….

The Really Funny Thing About Being a Cop

The Really Stupid Thing About Being a Sergeant

How to be the Most Outstanding Cop in the World – In a Silly Way

Travel adventures:

If it Wasn’t For the Midges – Malky’s No. 1 Guide to Scotland.

Fun & Games:

If it’s not on the list! – Click here to see a video of the game in action

I’m not answering that!

What’s your dilemma?

Who’s the genius?

Puzzle books:

Outstanding Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Even Better Lateral Thinking Puzzles

The Ultimate Lateral Thinking Puzzles

All royalties donated for antibiotic research – so do some good and buy them.